K3 Provides a wide range of Civil Information Management Training Courses using various Asymmetric Software packages for the operational and tactical Civil Affairs Forces and Human Terrain Teams. All K3 CIM training courses provide an Asymmetrical software tutorial training DVD (if requested) for each Asymmetric Software license purchased. This DVD will provide several sustainment training modules for all users on the current Asymmetric Software Kit (ASK).

Course curriculums are developed by some of the best professionals in the business. K3 instructors have been recruited from the following fields: U.S. Special Operations Forces, U.S. Special Operations Communications, U.S. Special Operations Information Technology, U.S. Military Intelligence, U.S. Federal, State and Local Police Officers. K3 instructors have served and trained around the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Southern Philippines, Northern Africa, Kosovo, The Far East, Central America, South America and more. They are combat veterans with superb experience in civil information management. K3 instructors are certified and experienced in Training Development.

K3 provides both standard and customized courses for customers globally. Customizable courses can be developed based on the customers needs. The standard courses are two and four weeks in duration. The two week course provides an understanding of the analytical software used to conduct civil reconnaissance. The four week course incorporates the two week version plus expands on current methodologies and develops analytical products based on real world open source information.